Monday, March 31, 2014


I can't say I'm sad to say goodbye to March.
It has been a long, cold, snowy winter.
I will not miss it.

I have my windows open today, hoping to be rid of germs.
Two of the kids were hit hard this past weekend with..something.
Maybe fresh air will help us cleanse.

In other news, April begins baseball season!
So long life until mid-June!
Yeah, it is pretty much six days a week, between the two teams.
Michael is playing baseball and the girls are playing T-ball.
I'm thankful that the fields are both close.
Don't count on my doing much of anything else for the next couple months.

April also begins wedding season for us.
We have a wedding per month for the next three months.
April also will hopefully see the boys in their new room!
Carpet is ordered and I'm hoping it will be installed this week..

The room is all shades of brown.
I know it looks goldish/yellow in the picture, but its brown.
We were going to go with a camouflage theme--but we couldn't find a border that we LOVED.
So, instead I came across one with different wildlife on it and the boys love it AND we can still use the camo/hunting theme with wildlife.  It was a win/win.  I'm excited to see it all come together.

I was hoping that March would bring us a walker.

We aren't quite there yet though.
He stands and will take a couple of steps, but does NOT want to take it slow and steady.
He tries to run and of course falls down!
It'll come.
I still can't get over it.  I've said it before, I'll say it again--it is amazing how different every child is.

I'm getting excited to celebrate a 5th birthday,  garden, and go to the homeschool convention, and order our curriculum for next year!  

So many possibilities and fun things that April brings!

So long, March!
Til next year!

Saturday, March 22, 2014



Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Sometimes little things make all the difference.
Once upon a time, I had a clean, neat house.
It wasn't an issue.
Once number #4 came along AND I started homeschooling it became much more of a challenge.
I've written about it before.
There are only so many hours in a day and schooling takes precedence.My house is not so clean and neat anymore.
I don't think we're at the filth level, thankfully..but lets just say I wouldn't encourage anyone to eat off of my floors or run their white gloved fingers over any furniture.

Here are some little things that have made a big difference for me personally.

#1) I resolved to have the dishes done every night before going to bed.
I hate waking up to a messy kitchen.
I confess, sometimes I will leave 2 or three things--but NOT the counter piled.
Also, I used to leave clean dishes to dry on the counter.
They were clean..but it was more "clutter" on the counter.
So, to force the dishes away ;) I rearranged the counter-top so that now, there is no SPACE to pile them on the counter.  Hence, dishes get put away right away.

#2) This is still a work in progress.  Laundry gets done on a regular basis.
It gets folded on a regular basis.  BUT, it often will sit on the couch in those folded piles.
So, to counter that tendency.  I am trying to fold my laundry on top of the table.
I always need the table, so it cannot sit there for more than, oh..2.5 minutes.
It does help that children 1-3 put their own away.

Again, it is the little things.
Any helpful tips that you have to add?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As much as I dislike the whole time-change thing--
having more hours of daylight is so nice!
Yay for sunshine!
Spring is right around the corner!!
Even if it does snow another time or two, the end is in sight.
It is in the fifties today!
The kids are finishing up lunch and then heading outside!
To mud.

At least clothes and kids wash.
Now that Spring is right around the corner, we're in full swing wedding prep mode.
Two family members are getting married within the next 2 months.
We are also making painfully slow progress on the house.
Time and money.  Ya know?
Paint and carpet are coming soon.
Then we need to move the boys into their new room and swap all the other rooms around.
Oh, I never mentioned that did I?

Yes, instead of keeping the playroom a playroom..we decided to play switch.
The boys are going into the former playroom, the girls are going into our room, we are going into the closet girl's room, and the boy's room is going to be the new "playroom."  It is small, but at least an area to put the toys etc.  It is exciting and daunting at the same time.  It will likely be several more months until it is all done since we have to paint and re-paint and hopefully change some flooring in the process.  After the boys are moved into their new room, the girls have to be moved into the boy's old room so that Mike and I can vacate our room for them!  Oye!  I think it will be worth it in the end.  The bedrooms the kids have right now are really, really small for 2 and 3 people in them and this will allow them a bit more space.
I am feeling a lot better.
Last week, I did have a bit of a set-back, but thankfully we're back on track.
I see the doctor next week again at the 6 week mark.
I am thankful that we have been able to make a bunch of local homeschooling friends.
We try to meet every Friday morning at a local (literally 2 minutes away!) church to have an open play time so the kids can just run some energy off.

I can't WAIT to get outside!
On that note, baseball is right around the corner..
Batter Up!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


March Birthdays have begun.
(we have a bunch!)
Happy Birthday to my one and only!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


12 days post-surgery.
This is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.
Today, I had my follow-up doctor visit.
Today was the first time I left the house since the surgery.
Today was the first time I put on "real" clothes.
Today is the best I have felt so far.
I still can't bend over properly or sleep on my side without discomfort.
Doc said not to lift anything over 20 lbs for another month.
Mike did purchase me an abdominal wrap/band today and I would highly recommend it to anyone having to undergo this surgery or a similar one.  I wish I had had it sooner.  


It has been snowing.
And snowing.
And snowing.
And snowing.
Oh, today was rain.
We must have--er--at least prior to the rain today, 3 feet of snow.  Or maybe more.
I feel for those who have to plow.
Speaking of plowing, our driveway is the pits.
Seriously, the van has been stuck numerous times.
The driveway HAS been plowed.
Several times.
There is a bit of snow on it from the last storm, but the van is terrible in the snow.
It is a good thing that we left early for the doctor today, because Mike had to use the truck to pull the van out 3 times and then another to get back IN the driveway.
Winters like this, I REALLY miss the Expedition and 4 wheel drive.
Our driveway is not even steep or hilly.
No company or travels til it melts.

Mister Jared turned 15 months this past Sunday.
15 months and STILL not walking!!
He is developing quite the personality.
We ask him if he wants to stand up and walk and he smiles and shakes his head no.
He still climbs on everything and cruises along the furniture and he CAN stand by himself..but he just refuses to walk.
One of these days he is just going to get up and run.
Still no "real" words either.
He babbles but that is about it.

Our room is coming along.  It is closed up and the door is in!
It is completely sheet rocked.

More to come.
I have to go comfort a crying one.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


(picture courtesy of amazon) 

I recently read this book.

I have never heard Jim Gaffigan's stand up routine or anything like that.
Apparently, he is a comedian.
I picked up this book on a recommendation from another mom blog.

Apart from one or two more irreverent chapters or references, this was thoroughly enjoyable.
Gaffigan is the father of 5 young children and talks about being a parent raising his kids in NYC.
Most of it is very easy to relate to and humorous. 
The chapters are short and it is a quick read, so even you non-readers might get a kick out of it.
If you have kids or grew up in a large family or are a caregiver or..even single with no thought of kids--give it a try.  

It's funny.

Check it out!